Senior Private Henryk Młodzianowski

Mr. Henry served in the 3rd squadron of the Carpathian Uhlans Regiment. He took part in the fighting for Tobruk in 1941, where he was wounded. He died on May 19, 1944 in a reckless assault operation of the 3rd squadron on Hill No. 893 Passo- Corno during the Battle of Monte Cassino. (Passo-Corno hill was defended by the German sub-unit of the 4th High Battalion of the 5th Mountain Division). Born on May 10, 1911, he was an official, the family came from the borderlands of the Dubów (Dubówka) estate. Mr. Henryk was the son of Countess Leontyna Potocka, née Olesz, who had a heavy experience in both wars. The first husband died in 1920 during the Polish-Bolshevik war, the second husband died with his second son, brother Henry, in 1939. During the war, family property in the borderlands was lost.

Senior Private Henryk Młodzianowski (33) was awarded for the wounds for the defense of Tobruk, the Stars of Africa, Italy and posthumously the Cross of Valor.

He died in the field of glory.