About the Museum – Jubilee “10 Years of Education and History”

he Museum of the 2nd Polish Corps has been gathering collections related to Polish soldiers during World War II and their history for over 10 years, starting with deportation to Siberia, formation of the Polish Army in Russia, evacuation to the Middle East, capture of Monte Cassino, liberation of Bologna, Ancona, and ending with the post-war fate of soldiers and their relatives. The 2nd Polish Corps Museum was established on the basis of a statute in agreement with the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Minister Bohdan Zdrojewski, on the basis of private donations and promotes through education, the huge war effort of Polish soldiers and our national history.

The museum also collects collections, important in promoting history, science and technology for children and youth, and monuments related regionally to the history of Józefów and the surrounding area.

Currently, after the extension and modernization, the Museum parts:

  • permanent exhibition “2nd Polish Corps”
  • library and collection of publications of the 2nd Polish Corps and the Polish Army in the East
  • temporary exhibition “Polish House and 100 Years of the Battle of Warsaw”
  • 2 World War temporary exhibition
  • outdoor exhibition of vintage vehicles
  • archaeological exhibition and laboratory for children and adolescents
  • modeling club for children “From steam to electricity”

History Lessons – modern message and communication.

The 2nd Corps Museum offers “Live History Lessons” as the most modern form of teaching children and young people. By taking advantage of the beautiful location in the pine forest on the edge of the Masovian Landscape Park, we combine history learning with great recreation. Trips coming to our museum are handled by the leaders in historical uniforms, and individual classes take place in small groups of 10 people. A unique advantage is that in our Museum, young people can touch the monuments, take a tour of the forest in a beautiful historic vehicle and see how ancient technology works, all of which are combined with historical knowledge transmitted in an interesting way, matching the age of the audience. A visit to our museum is not a boring lesson, it is a few hours of adventure with history.

In our museum you can also organize an unforgettable educational birthday for children, a conference or meeting.

2nd Corps Museum – historical shows.

The museum also promotes history during all invitations. Portable exhibitions with monuments from the 1st and 2nd World War, beautiful functional vintage vehicles, honorary assistance, dynamic artillery shows are our specialty and a unique attraction for viewers.

We provide all information by e-mail : muzeum@2korpus.pl. We kindly ask you to book the tour in advance.

Further details can be obtained by calling the museum on +48 660-838-440, or by emailing your interest to muzeum@2korpus.pl

Please make your reservation in advance

Reservations can be made by phone: +48 660-838-440