About The Museum

The Museum of the Polish Second Corps in Józefów was established on 16 March 2011, in agreement with The Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Bogdan Zdrojewski, on the basis of private collections and donations. Our museum is dedicated to the Polish Army and the Polish Second Corps, as well as the Battle of Monte Casino in 1944. The museum’s collection includes objects and materials related to the history of Józefów. We invite you to visit our museum.

History Lessons

The Museum of the Polish Second Corps offers Living History Lessons which are regarded to be one of the most modern methods of teaching children and teenagers. The beautiful location of the museum in the pine forest, which is on the fringes of the Mazovian Landscape Park, gives us an opportunity to combine history lessons with wonderful recreational activities. Lessons are arranged for groups of 10 people and they are conducted by the museum curators, who are wearing historical uniforms. One of the best things in the museum is that our visitors can touch all objects, go for a ride in the vintage military vehicles, and see old technology. The visit in our museum is not a dull lesson- it’s a few hours of adventure with the history!

The Museum of the Polish Second Corps– History demonstrations

Also, we promote history during the various ceremonies in the villages and small towns. We specialize in movable exhibitions, vintage military vehicles, guards of honour, as well as dynamic demonstrations, which are very attractive for the public.

Birthday parties for children in the Museum of the Polish Second Corps

We offer unforgettable birthday parties for children in our museum. We provide a wide variety of fantastic adventures and attractions, which are combined with the history. In the spacious rooms we also organize special events on request.

Café Museum- a cup of coffee with 19th century books*

Instead of visiting the café in the shopping centre, we offer you to drink our delicious coffee and see Polish, Tsarist, as well as Prussian picture albums from 19th century. These library collections, which are very well designed, will provide you with a hint of history.
*on request

Corporate events

Also, we offer you services in the field of organizing occasional and corporate events, which are combined with the exhibition of different types of military equipment. We are well-prepared to organize events in all terrain and weather conditions. Magnificent military objects, experienced instructors, professional organization and fictionalized scenarios will certainly impress all participants. Food service for the events of all sizes is provided by our experienced cooks with the use of two field kitchens.

Further details can be obtained by calling the museum on +48 660-838-440, or by emailing your interest to muzeum@2korpus.pl

Please make your reservation in advance

Reservations can be made by phone: +48 660-838-440

Additionally, we offer traditional pea soup from the field kitchen: