Cooperation and sponsors

We invite institutions, companies and private individuals to cooperate with our museum. We are very grateful to those who donated objects to our collection, supported us, and helped with restoration of vehicles and equipment. Thank you very much! All donations and earned money is spent on the development of the museum, as well as preservation and restoration of the objects.

Special thanks to:

  • The Museum of Polish Army – – for collaboration and beautiful deposits
  • The Historical Museum in Legionowo- – for many years of wonderful cooperation
  • The Municipal Council of Józefów- for 2000 PLN subsidy in 2011
  • Otwock County- for 2000 PLN for the exhibitions in 2011

We thank the following companies:

Łodygowa Street 21, Warsaw

Thanks to Resory-Łodygowa Company for the excellent restoration of coil springs in our Chevrolet Canada

Szczygla Street 7, Józefów

Thanks for quick repair of engine and exhaust in our GAZ-63 vehicle.

Thanks for preparing wooden boxes

We thank for donating the objects to our museum:

  • Mr. Augustyn Rybka- for pocket Polish-English dictionary which was published in Palestine. It was used by an officer of the Second Polish Corps.
  • Mrs. Małgorzata Drewnowska- for donating parts of the German crockery set from 1942.
  • Mrs. Krystyna Michalska- for donating postcard and money orders from KL Auschwitz
  • The National Library for emigrant publications
  • Mr. Janusz Prządka from Józefów- for donating family mementos
  • Mr. Marcin Szostak from Józefów- for the repair work

The Ministry of National Defence supported exhibition “Military actions of the 7th Sub-district of the Polish Home Army ‘Fromczyn’ within the Otwock County 1942-1945”

We also thank:

  1. The Municipal Public Library in Podkowa Leśna and its wonderful director Mrs. Dorota Skotnicka- for „valuable cooperation and deposits, e.g. ZBOWID flag, which is kept in our museum”
  2. The District Public Library in Jedlnia-Letnisko- for “interesting reprints of newspapers and documents”

We thank Professor Norman Davies who donated money for the repair of turret slewing device in T-34 tank.

Professor Norman Davies